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Ever wondered how to make crispy Uttapam at home

Ever wondered how to make crispy Uttapam at home? Ok so the question that will pop up is that Uttapam is not supposed to be crispy; it's not Dosa.. right? But hey why not have best of both worlds. A pancake style thick yet dosa style crispy Uttapam is possible.

Next time when you buy the Dosa batter from market, do the following 3 steps, and then go with your usual making of Uttapam.
1) Take 500 gm of Dosa batter
2) Add a spoon of Sugar
3) A pinch of Salt for taste (optional)
Mix it well.

The genesis of mixing sugar with fermented batter goes back to our baking basics. Yeast & Sugar are friends, and go very well together. As you know the Dosa batter is prepared through fermentation process. So, every time you mix the two, be it a Cake batter or Dosa batter, you will always get great results.

So what are you waiting for, just hit the nearest provision store or super market; pickup the dosa batter, mix it up with sugar. You may skip salt if you don't feel like adding it; but definitely sugar will give you that soft & crispy texture of Uttapam in your mouth. 

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