Meghna'sMagic Tips Details



Here is the basic tip for all the beginners. When you are cooking, please use the ingredients as per your taste buds. You may like salt more or spicy less. While we give you the generic measures in our recipes; you may choose to change the same a little bit; just to suit your taste. So long as the change is not too drastic; some creativity is welcome.

However, Baking is a complete different matter altogether. As bakers, we come up with the specific measures, through trial, experience and experiments (actually a couple of burnt cakes). So it is imperative that you are clear with pound or kilogram conversions given by the bakers. Just stick with it.

Temperatures and Quality of ingredients,  moisture in the air, size of the oven etc., there are many factors that affect the outcome.

Lastly, remember that No one is born a great cook, one learns by practicing.


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