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Durian the King of Fruits

Mango might be the King of Fruits in India; but in SouthEast Asian countries- Durian
is considered as the King of Fruits due to its over powering size and string odour. 

A fruit that is banned in public transport, five star hotels and couple of
countries; due to its bad smell; it’s a miracle how sweet it really tastes. In South
Asian countries - Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, it is so popular that I have by
now seen so many Durian festivals. They use it in ice-creams, to make chips and so
many food items. 

Did you know the name origins from a Word in Malay language called ‘duri’ which
means thorn. It assumes it’s name due to the surrounding thorns on the skin. 

Do not drink alcohol after eating Durian else it will cause indigestion & bad

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