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Olive Oil Amazing Facts

Now talking about health benefits of Olive oil is so old fashioned, So how do you
impress someone at a party with some small talks? Just share these less known 6
facts about Olive Oil and see the instant results.😀

 1. Italy, Croatia and Greece are the top 3 Olive Oil producing countries. Greece is
the biggest exporter of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Greeks have the highest per
capita consumption of olive oil in the world.

2. It takes approximately 10-15 kg of olives to produce a litre of oil. After they
are harvested, olives should be brought to the mill within 24 hours to conserve
their quality.

3. Extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of the olives with no
chemicals used to extract the oil.  This means it has a wonderful, fresh, clean

4. Oil changes its colour during the season – the youngest oil is of a dark green
colour, meaning it is full of chlorophyll. With the passing of time, olives mature
and the oil becomes yellowish.

5. After a year or so, oil is best used for cooking and fresh oil used for salad
dressings and other cold uses. When using olive oil in cooking,  the higher the
quality and freshness of the oil, the better it tolerates high temperature, which
means the food will be tastier and healthier.

6. One olive tree can produce around four litres of oil every year for hundreds of
years. The oldest olive tree - aged 1600 years- is in Croatia & it still fructifies.

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