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Traveling To Thailand? - Go for Ruam Mit

When you visit Thailand, make sure this wonderful dessert - Ruam Mit - is part of
your things to do.  Ruam" means "gathering", "Mit" means "friends", the name said it
all for "Gathering friends" . You will find it in food courts of all the major
malls. Not just Summer, this Thai dessert is consumed all through the year.


They mix Corn Starch, Sugar, Milk, Water Chest Nuts, Jackfruit, Toddy Palm, Palm
Seeds, coconut jelly, water chestnuts, Ice together. All these ingredients when
mixed create this awesome dessert “Ruam Mit”. Don’t worry about the red, yellow
green & white colors, it just brings that feeling of fun to the soul, drama into the
conversations & the pleasure to eyes. 


If you happen make Thai friends, like i have; then when you visit them, You will
definitely find it in their refrigerator section as well. They use larger cup in
order to make room for crushed ice. Make sure you always add crushed ice, as this
dessert otherwise tastes very sweet without ice.

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