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Sea Grapes

When you travel, the variety of food & ingredients surprise you. As I was checking out malls in Philippines, I came across this strange seaweed that is a look alike of grapes; but taste of course was very different. 

Sea Grapes or Green Caviar is a species from coastal regions in the Indo-Pacific. This seaweed is one of the most popular species due to its soft and succulent texture. Farmed and eaten in the Philippines, sea grapes are widely sold across Asia.

Not only animals, humans enjoy sea grapes as well, and they are used to make jam. Usually, eaten raw with vinegar, as a snack or in a salad. After being washed in clean water, it is usually eaten raw as a salad, mixed with chopped raw shallots and fresh tomatoes, and dressed with a blend of fish sauce or and vinegar. It is known to be rich in iodine.

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