Meghna's Food Magic

Meghna's Food Magic is a digital cookery show which will make you drool with just a simple touch of magic. Gear up with your aprons and watch Meghna create extraordinary dishes with very ordinary ingredients. Meghna will introduce you to the world of quick bites and delicacies from a number of cuisines worldwide.


My introduction to the world of food.

I was 18 when I started working to support my family. I would've jumped into the corporate wagon long back but as you know working before 18 is considered as child labour, I couldn't. I kept looking for my callings in those swarmed workplaces, with stores of records on my desk. I rose to being the personal secretary of few of the corporate giants in India pretty early in my career. However, I felt a corner was still void as if there was more to my life. I couldn't make sense of why these achievement didn't bring the delight it ought to bring.

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