Mompreneur and Banker turned Baker –
2019-04-09 Posted By : Chef Meghna

Mumbai 9th April 19: In the recently concluded Living Foodz Epicurean Guil

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New Year Resolution
2019-01-01 Posted By : Chef Meghna

I Never make a

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Work Hard at Relaxing
2018-12-29 Posted By : Chef Meghna

Best tip someo

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Baking is Love, you know why?
2018-12-10 Posted By : Chef Meghna


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Healthy Food Myths
2018-11-11 Posted By : Chef Meghna



Paradox of life & food
2018-05-24 Posted By : ChefMeghna

Just when your income starts reaching a point where food prices don’t matte

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Gujarat Day & Maharashtra Day
2018-05-01 Posted By : ChefMeghna

Since I spent first 50% of my life in Gujarat & the rest in Maharashtra, so t


May Day
2018-05-01 Posted By : ChefMeghna

I remember my corporate days and later the time spent in kitchen restaurants; whe


The World Book Day
2018-04-24 Posted By : CHEFMEGHNA

When I was a child, I never went to a library. I neither had means nor the motiva


A Letter To PM
2018-01-24 Posted By : ChefMeghna

Dear PM Modiji,

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