2017-12-11 Posted By : Chef Meghna on CNBC TV18 - Stay Fit with CNBC TV 18

Meghna’s Food Magic spreads on CNBC-TV18 . The CNBC TV 18 journalist Ms. Shibani Gharat visited Meghna

Chef Meghna invited to hold seminar at t
2017-12-11 Posted By : ChefMeghna

The famous Times of India Health & Wellness Expo is being held at The Nehru Centre from 15-17 December f

Remembering Indira Gandhi on her death a
2017-10-31 Posted By : Chefmeghna

While not much has been written about Late PM Smt. Indira Gandhi ‘s food ch

World Heart Day - Listen to your heart
2017-09-29 Posted By : ChefMeghna

29th September, on the #WorldHeartDay , please fill your life with an unlimited
supply of  Love

Edamame Beans, the Japanese Cuisine
2017-09-04 Posted By : ChefMeghna

Whenever you go to an authentic Japanese restaurant, you will be served with these super yummy salted Edamam

2017-08-28 Posted By : ChefMeghna

How many of you remember your first day in the kitchen ? And several attempts at

Hand Coffee Grinder : Why it is a good i
2017-08-25 Posted By : ChefMeghna

Came across these beautiful coffee grinder hand-makers and I actually felt this was a decent value for money

Blessed by Buddha
2017-08-21 Posted By : ChefMeghna

Starting the week with the blessings of 15 metres tall, 46 metres long, covered in gold leaf - Reclining Bud

Today marks the World Photography Day...
2017-08-21 Posted By : ChefMeghna

In a world where millions of pictures are uploaded every minute, World Photography Day is inspiring thousand

Food & Friendship Evolution
2017-08-21 Posted By : ChefMeghna

Be it food or friends, doesn't matter, whichever bracket we fall, or which language we speak; the core w

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